Brandy Meeks

President of Vitae Foundation

Brandy Meeks is President of Vitae Foundation, a nonprofit organization that facilitates lifesaving research and applies the findings to create messaging strategies to share with others so, together, we can build a future where abortion is unthinkable.

For several years, she served as a pregnancy center director in Northwest Missouri and later, as Abby Johnson’s VP of Operations for And Then There Were None, helping abortion workers leave the abortion industry. She is a founding board member for Abortion Survivors Network with abortion survivor Melissa Ohden, serves with the United Nations through the Organization of American States as a CSO to protect human rights internationally, and is also a Commissioner with the Missouri Baptist Convention’s Christian Life Commission, the public policy arm of the MBC.

Together, Brandy and her husband, Matt, love strategizing new marketing and pro-life research ideas on date nights, help with the youth ministry at Freshwater Church in Jefferson City, Missouri, and are raising five children.