Levi Hart

Levi hart

Sr Investments Officer, ThriVe Nation

Levi Hart is a grateful follower of Jesus Christ. He is married to a gorgeous, godly woman, and is a father of five; his oldest being in heaven, having had an abortion at the age of 19. Shortly thereafter, he experienced a radical salvation in Jesus after spending time in and out of jail and drug rehabs. He went on to go into full-time youth ministry, start a successful church in the same city where his house was raided by the police, and began a ministry speaking at middle and highschool assemblies on the topic of drug and alcohol abuse. Today, he works for ThriVe Nation where he serves as the Sr Investments Officer, leads their Fatherhood Initiative, Pi Delta Epsilon, and he has a deep passion about playing a role in what is the greatest humanitarian effort in our time, the fight for life.