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Megan Mastro

Pro-life Activist

Megan Mastro is an up-and-coming Millennial Catholic public speaker— She most recently spoke at an event sharing the stage with Fr. Mike Schmitz! Megan has been called upon by the Holy Spirit to share her incredibly powerful testimony and to speak to all audiences on topics including The dignity of women, Family (dis)harmony, Parent-child connection, Theology of the Body, Promiscuity and the value of Chastity, and Cultural issues of our time such as: the importance of holding compassion for those who have been led astray by anti-Christian ideas, issues surrounding abortion, the dignity of human persons & the American identity crisis, substance abuse, and the trappings of Spiritualism/New Age or Occultism.

Megan was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and moved to Phoenix, AZ in 2020 to pursue her PhD in Spanish. In 2010 Megan became pregnant at 16 years old and chose abortion which proved to be a life-shattering decision. After many years spent living secularly, she began a quest in search of peace & truth and eventually was led back to the Catholic faith about halfway through her PhD program, causing her to align her plans to pursue the Catholic faith and worldview. As a faithful Catholic revert, Megan now feels called to write books/blogs, conduct research, and continue sharing her testimony (which touches on a plethora of issues that plague today’s culture, especially our youth). Today, she is working on completing a doctoral dissertation which explores the ways in which Hispanic Catholic families live-out and pass-on their faith to their children and examine how this relates to family harmony and child flourishing.

Megan is hoping to find work in Catholic evangelization and healing ministry by means of retreat planning, speaking, writing, and researching important topics such as abortion prevention (chastity), Catholic youth formation, and the universal call to holiness within the family. At the Midwest March for Life, Megan will be speaking at the Youth Rally and at the main rally. Inquire or Connect with her on Instagram @sunnysideup_meg and look for her channel on YouTube: @MeganMastro.