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Gabriel Cobb

Tri21 Triathalete

Gabriel Cobb is an inspirational, 22-year-old, motivational speaker with Down syndrome.  He has completed 13 triathlons with no modifications, pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations for people with disabilities.   Among other accomplishments, he is also a Taekwondo green belt, pianist, chef, and “FUNcle” (fun uncle).  He loves assisting the world to appreciate the gift of those with “a little something extra”.

Among other venues, Mr. Cobb has spoken before the United Nations, New York City, NY (2023), the Missouri Department of Mental Health (2023), the Developmental Disability Resource Board, St. Charles, MO (2023), the Recreation Council of Greater St. Louis, Des Peres, MO )2023), Lindenwood University, St. Charles, MO (2022 and 2023), the Lafayette Hight School, Wildwood, MO (2022 and 2023), and the Developmental Disabilities Nurses Association—International, San Antonio, Tx (2022).